One-a-day reviews: Natura Bisse Oxygen Cream

Natura Bisse - Oxygen Cream

Review in 5 words or less:

I absolutely love this stuff. 

I’ve been using this for about 8 months, intermittently (I like to switch it up with moisturizers, keep my face guessing), and every time I come back to this jar, I’m impressed. 

The trick: it has peroxide in it. 

Here’s the pitch from the Natura Bisse website:

Purifying cream with active oxygen 

An extra dose of oxygen to infuse the skin with vitality and radiance. This light-textured cream is ideal for all skin types and helps purify the skin, providing an even-toned appearance and glow as well as optimum hydration.


  • Improves the skin’s vitality.
  • Helps diminish the appearance of dark spots.
  • Decongests and purifies clogged pores.
  • Soothes congested skin, dilated capillaries and rosacea.
  • Ideal for skin subjected to pollution, for smokers and frequent flyers.

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One-a-day reviews: Algenist Overnight Restorative Cream


Algenist Overnight Restorative Cream

First things first: if you can find a moisturizer you love that comes in a TUBE: you get an A. 

When it comes to antioxidants, vitamins and general skin food goodies, tub containers like this let in air….and *germs.* So we erode the product’s efficacy every time we use it. And dipping fingers into a tub means introducing bacteria into the formula. So — all of that works against us. BUT: don’t rely on me — fact-check me with Paula Begoun’s write-up on the downside of the jar:


Once we get that out of the way, however, I do really like this cream. 

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Shall I talk about this stuff soon?


Skincare. Right. 

I have lots of it, this is but a glimpse, and………….I may as well hand out some opinions on whether it’s any good, how its used, and whether or not I’d buy any of it again once its empty. 

Also — shower stuff. Can’t leave out the hair care fun. 


Here’s my promise to myself. In the next week, I’ll get around to SOME of these. 

Also — I have a good chunk of the REN skincare line en route courtesy of a giveaway….so I should have some “cleanser/toner/moisturizer” opinions soon, too. 

Will do a product junkie good to yap about some of these things. 

Like the fact that Olio Lusso is lovely, elegant, luxurious, and FULL OF IRRITANTS. That’s the mostly-empty bottle on the middle shelf of the cupboard shot, third from the right. I’ve used it mostly up while trying to decide if I have it in my heart to smear fragrance all over my face….


So back to that Stuff. Let’s start with Urban Decay


If we track back to "Junk I bought," I threw a little shade at the Urban Decay “Naked2” palette. 

I get tired of every aspiring YouTube makeup vlogger and every other beauty blogger holding the Naked collections in religious regard, because — I believe — they’re NOT a good value. The color payoff is “meh,” the quality is “meh,” they land all over your cheeks when applied, and while the entire package may look pretty as a whole, there are very few WEARABLE colors, individually. 

I think they’re the most over-hyped makeup product of the last 3 years. Seriously. But — I’m not above giving the brand another shot. 

So — what do I think of the latest “Basic” addition to the “Naked” family? 

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$ave a buck or two….


Back when I was embroiled in the pre-wedding Foundationgate, I tried everything under the sun. Probably 40 different face base formulas. At least. 

In the end, opted for Dior’s Airflash aerosol foundation, BUT — this Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation from Rimmel was my runner up — AND — continues to be my “daily makeup base.” The “Match Perfection” Concealer and Highlighter is actually surprisingly good, too. I prefer a thinner, less “rich” formula for under-eye brightening (something with good viscosity that blends with just a few taps of the fingertip), and this stuff goes a great job. 

Bonus: a tube of the foundation costs about $7 in most drugstores, and for that price, you can afford to buy as many colors as you’d like, and mix them for a perfect color match (that’s what I do…..). 

The rundown:

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Coming soon: more stuff.


Look at that fun stuff!!! Guess what: I’m going to talk about ALLLLL of it over the next few days. Wanna see it again, with numbers (and “where to buy” links that make it all that much more dangerous?):



1 — Diorskin “Forever” Fluid Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear Makeup

2 — Diorskin “Airflash” Spray Foundation

3 — YSL “Teint Resist” Long Wear Foundation

4 — Burberry “Fresh Glow” Luminous Fluid Base

5 — Burberry “Velvet Foundation” Long Wear Fluid Foundation

6 — Too Faced “Shadow Insurance” Glitter Glue Eye Shadow Primer

  — Too Faced “Glamour Dust” Glitter Pigment

7 — Urban Decay “Naked Basics” Palette

8 — Laura Mercier “Baked Eye Color” 

9 — Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow

10 — Milani Baked Blush

  — L’Oreal Visible Lift Color Lift Blush

11 — Givenchy “Poudre Bonne Mine” Healthy Glow Powder

12 — YSL “Touche Eclat” Radiant Touch

  — Boots No7 “Radiant Glow” Concealer

  — L’Oreal Studio Secrets “Magic Lumi Concealer”

13 — Sephora Collection “Outrageous Prisma Chrome Metallic Eyeshadow”

14 — Make Up For Ever “Aqua Brow”

15 — Benefit “High Beam” 

16 — e.l.f Studio High Definition Powder


Drugstore review: Salon Grafix Dry Texturizing Spray


(Nope, your eyes aren’t wonky — my camera’s wonky). 

Alright — here’s something weird: I can’t find this Salon Grafix Dry Texturizing Spray stuff online ANYWHERE. Drugstore.com: nope. Amazon: nope. Random sketchy online beauty supply shops: nope. The dry shampoo? Sure. The “texturizing spray?” Nada.

So: it doesn’t exist. 

Except I own it.

It’s like Inception…..for hair. 

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The big BB guns.

(oooh, pretty)

Heh. Punny. 

So, I’ve come full circle on the merits of BB creams. Just a few weeks ago, I thought it was a stupid marketing gimmick to convince people who already owned foundation and already owned tinted moisturizer to pony up cash for a product that basically just tossed the two in a blender and hit the “expensive” button. 

BUT. But. But………..

They’re actually quite handy, time-saving, relatively error-proof little wonders of the modern beauty industrial complex that (as long as you’re NOT having your picture taken), make the morning routine a lot more speedy. 

What’s that about picture-taking? 

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L’Oreal Voluminous Power Volume 24 Hour Mascara

Long ago, I was a L’Oreal Voluminous loyalist. Their “Carbon black” color was as good as mascara gets. 

And then they changed their formula. It no longer held a curl. Smudged onto upper and lower lids. Flaked a bit. The tube would dry out in record time. 

Abandon, abandon, abandon. 

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Holy cheap lipstick…..

So, since my car had some troubles this week and cost me $650 dollars that I’d rather have spent on either wedding junk or on PRETTY THINGS like eyeliner and shoes…..I had CHEAP on the brain. 

Handy: the local drug store had all of their Wet n Wild cosmetics 50% off. 

I think I’ve tried some WnW nail polish in the past few years, and I picked up a small eye shadow trio when I spotted it for $.88 around the holidays, but I was new to their lipsticks. 

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Even more junk I bought:

Here’s another “beauty haul” update full of more fun stuff I’ve tracked down since the last “junk I bought” list. Some department store, some drugstore, I’ll give the same “splurge or skip” assessment for all of ‘em. Truthfully: there’s nothing I like better on the day the paycheck hits the bank than a new shadow palette…..so, fair warning: lots of eye shadow reviews here….

Here we go!

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Hello, beautiful


So, there’s the "other blog," the site where I write book and film reviews and yap about celebrities and pop culture and toss in the occasional feminist thought. And that’s fun and good for those times when I need to give my vocabulary an exercise or prove a point. 

And now there’s THIS little project, where I can chat about cosmetics and pretty things ALLLLL I want. Hair care, skin care, nail polish, mascara — ALLLLLL of it. 

I’ll add some video reviews and tutorials if I can come up with the nerve to put myself in front of the camera, I’ll review new things that I buy, I’ll solicit ya for advice on products that work for this and that….

It’s a veritable girl-fest in here. 


Let’s get pretty!


Junk I bought

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m a marketing department’s dream consumer.

I’m easily swayed by pretty packaging and higher prices, I’m always eager to try something new, I have just enough of a self-image issue to believe I actually NEED whatever makeup or moisturizer or pair of jeans they’re selling in order to look pretty and I have just enough disposable income to be able to throw a bit of money at that self-image issue.

I wander malls for recreation, I shop online to kill time at work, I purchase on impulse, I’m basically easy prey for the sales monster.

No point being coy for the sake of trying to sound like I’m above it all.

I’m not.

And we could crucify me for living a “meaningless, consumer-driven life” (name that quote…..), but when it’s time to buy, I’m a pretty good source, especially when it comes to steering other folks toward or away from stuff that’s either worth (or definitely NOT worth) their own little bit of disposable income.

See: that’s ME, working for YOU.

So let’s do a little tour of recent “stuff” against which I was powerless. Or: Junk I bought (or, in some cases, received samples of). Because I probably paid too much for all of it, so I can pass along the “splurge” or “skip it” advice.

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