Drugstore review: Salon Grafix Dry Texturizing Spray


(Nope, your eyes aren’t wonky — my camera’s wonky). 

Alright — here’s something weird: I can’t find this Salon Grafix Dry Texturizing Spray stuff online ANYWHERE. Drugstore.com: nope. Amazon: nope. Random sketchy online beauty supply shops: nope. The dry shampoo? Sure. The “texturizing spray?” Nada.

So: it doesn’t exist. 

Except I own it.

It’s like Inception…..for hair. 

I picked it up at a drugstore for $7 when I was out looking for its easy-to-find counterpart, the cheap-o dry shampoo. I buy the dry shampoo in emergencies because it’s at every Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Bartell’s, Safeway or QFC in the country. It’s fairly crummy (for the same price, the Mark Anthony stuff does the job better), but we can’t always afford Oscar Blandi in a pinch. 

BUT: this is not about the dry shampoo. 

It’s about this Spray That Doesn’t Exist. The Invisible Dry Texturizing Spray. 

Here’s why it’s excellent: it’s the FIRST product I’ve found that comes anywhere near the amazing, obscenely OVERPRICED Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

That stuff is priced like saffron, smells like Unicorn-Fairy-Angels nesting on clouds of Skittles, I’d bathe in the stuff if I could, and there’s no product more amazing for giving hair volume and taking out the greasy. It’s like Bardot-Barbarella-Red-Carpet-Bedheaded-perfection. And when it runs out, baby bunnies cry sweet little agave tears into their fluffy little bunny pillows. Your hair will be that amazing. 

With the Oribe stuff. 


This Salon Grafix stuff: don’t let the packaging deceive. It’s actually REALLY good. It doesn’t smell like a million dollars worth of supermodel, but it does a good job of adding texture and volume and soaking up any oil slick patches and giving you fluffy, “just finished with the blow dryer” Disney starlet hair. And: it’s only $7. 

The can won’t last long. If you follow the instructions and hold it a GOOD EIGHT INCHES FROM YOUR HEAD, you’ll blow through a quarter of the can in one use. BUT: it’s cheap. 


Oh — and about that “hold it 8 inches from hair” bit that accompanies every spray product: please. Follow those instructions. Don’t waste the effect by blasting your scalp with butane-ish stuff at a 3 inch distance. I *suspect* that most of the reason people end up dissatisfied with hair products is because they squirt ‘em way too close to the hair and wonder why it doesn’t seem to “do its job.” 

Give it room to breathe. 

So — those arm’s-length pictures there: that’s “3rd Day Since Washing” hair. It was sort of limp and “sticking to scalp”-ish this morning, I hit it with a good dozen sprays of the Dry Texturizer and it fluffed right up. Sure, it looks a little like I’m “waving from the float on parade day,” but whatever: it doesn’t look like it’s been three days, right? 


Expect that it will give your hair a little….resistance when you run your fingers through it, it’ll feel more…separated. Dried out. Fluffed up. TEXTURIZED. 

So, give it a shot. Spend $7. 

IF you can find it………